Viotek Heating & Cooling Car Seat Cushion

Posted: September 17, 2015
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For all the Goldilockses out there who are too hot in their cars in the summer, and then too cold in the winter, Viotek has a solution for you. For all the couples who can't drive anywhere together without fighting over and swatting hands away from the temperature controls, Viotek has a solution for you. And for all the drivers of new cars and posh cars that came standard with seat heaters, but nothing to cool your sweaty ass (and back and neck and pits) down when it hits the scorching leather of a seat parked in 95-degree sun, Viotek has a solution for your too.

the Viotek Tru-Comfort seat cushion slips into most any vehicle to provide your choice of a few more or a few less degrees Fahrenheit. Intelligent heat controls warm up instantly when needed to provide a 5-stage, 85- to 122-degree toasting of your backside. For seats that get sticky and contribute to wet-marked shirts in hot weather, Viotek's cover also has a 5-state cooling and dehumidification system that directs air and wicks moisture along its surface area in all directions.

Viotek seat covers' heating and cooling properties are controlled by their own micro-processing system, and won't affect the performance and efficiency of your car.

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