City E-Bike Electric Motorcycle Concept

Posted: May 03, 2021
City E-Bike Electric Motorcycle Concept

Concept?! But it looks so real! The City E-Bike is an electric, commuter-friendly motorcycle concept from industrial designer Vojta Vyroubal. It's compact and stylish - I mean, presuming you agree with me that looking like it was made for a video game constitutes stylish - two features Vyroubal spotlights best with his clever cutout in the bike frame for helmet storage.

Not that I'd ever store my motorcycle helmet - or my anything - as pictured in the City E-Bike since the moment I walked away some jackhole would steal it, but still. It looks mighty cool.

To make room for the City E-Bike's gooey helmet center, Vyroubal has relocated its engine to the rear, near the wheels.

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