Vintage Electric Scrambler S Off-Road E-Bike

Posted: May 31, 2018
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Vintage Electric's Scrambler S likes to play in the dirt. An e-bike for off-road exploration, the S model comes with a big boy 1,123-watt lithium battery able to push its direct drive motor up to 36MPH in race mode.

The Scrambler S's WWII-inspired design consists of a hydroformed aluminum frame covered, Vintage Electric says, "in an intimidating matte black livery." A mesh-protected yellow LED headlamp blares rally-ready at the front while Schwalbe knobby tires keep the bike barreling hard across open fields and along winding trails.

Scrambler S hand controls include a thumb-activated throttle on the right bar and an LED cockpit display on the left. For road riding, you can switch from race to street mode, and reduce the bike's max speed to 20 MPH. Vintage Electric claims a 75-mile range per battery charge. The bike also obviously operates under human power.

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