Hangrees Pooping Pop Culture Parody Figures

Posted: August 13, 2019
Hangrees Pooping Pop Culture Parody Figures
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Mutant Turds, Chewkaka, and Harry Plopper at your service. Er, more like at your shitter. It's easy to describe Hangrees - they're parody figures that poop slime in the likeness of various pop culture darlings. Colorful slime, sparkling slime, uh, scented slime. All of which you mix up yourself to the consistency and texture that suits your Hangree best. See, easy.

Less easy is describing why Hangrees exist. Why I need a miniature perversion of my beloved Chewbacca that can take a glittery crimson crap into a transparent toilet on my desk. Or what on earth I'd do with a WWPee collectible that has a bad case of the blue runs. I mean, besides stick it on my friend Cornelius' dashboard on a hot day.

Hangree poop pop culture figures come in a handful of different good-natured gag characters, and each also includes (sort of inexplicably) a parody fast food or snack container. Harry Plopper offers up some Squirtz-Its, Chewie KFSea Kentucky Fried Mermaids, and the Mutant Turd Pooringles. Aw, Hangrees kinda missed the pot not going with Poopa John's or DooDoomino's on that one.

Muchas danke to Technabob.

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