Adult Hippity Hop Animal Balls

Posted: March 12, 2017
Adult Hippity Hop Animal Balls
$49.99 - $59.98
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If my girlfriend agreed to Hippity Hop down the aisle on an Anna the Magical Unicorn Ball I might agree to propose to her. Haha, yeah you're right. No I wouldn't. That was a bad example. How about: if my co-workers agreed to have regular Hippity Hop animal races with me down the hall on Friday afternoons, I might agree to sit on a Rich the Ostrich Hop Ball instead of a desk chair to strengthen my back muscles and improve my posture.

At least until we'd held enough races to prove without doubt that I was the uncontested Hippity Hop champion, and no one can bounce harder, higher, faster, farther, and with more unbridled zeal than I can.

Adult Hop Balls are huge! at 29" in diameter, and Wailiki Toys says they made them so you can "stop borrowing your child's." And they're not kidding--the weight limit on the grownup bouncers is 300 pounds. The unicorn, ostrich, and Mr. Jones the Horse styles arrive as plush covers that slip over deflated balls. A hand pump for giving your round ride its life force is also included with purchase.

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