Blackhead Plucker Fidget Toy

Posted: February 21, 2023
Blackhead Plucker Fidget Toy
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Never thought a Blackhead Plucker Fidget Toy would be part of an Angel's Wonderland, but indeed this Blackhead Plucker Fidget Toy comes to us straight from Angel's Wonderland. True, it's the brand, not the theme park in Heaven, but still, the thought of finding some cartoonish kid with a face full of blackheads ready to be tweezed out by your own hands in any sort of Wonderland, much less a Wonderland run by angels, seems a little...less than angelic.

But apparently these angels aren't so hung up on what it looks like to invite people to mess around with kids with acne and clogged pores. Maybe it's because they have the greater good in mind: helping people get their fidgets out, channel their stress and anxiety, and address their trichotillomania in a much healthier way. Yep, trichotillomania. The compulsive desire to pull your own hair out. Yet another thing I never thought would be part of an Angel's Wonderland.

Blackhead Plucker Fidget Toys are palm-sized little guys that arrive on a keychain. They're dressed in loincloths - assless loincloths - that show off their different styles, and you can choose from about a dozen of them. The one shown above is called "Peekaboo." The tweezers you'll use to pluck Peekaboo & Co.'s blackheads are also included in your purchase.

Note: Once all blackheads are plucked from the acne-ridden faces of the fidget toys, it does not appear that you can reinsert them and start again, so this is probably better used as a gag gift than a true fidget toy that will alleviate fidgety ways long-term. However, even once you've completed your dermatology task, you can still use the little guy as a keychain or desk toy, and take pride in knowing you're the one who cleared up his skin.

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