Foodheim: A Culinary Adventure

Posted: November 14, 2021
Foodheim: A Culinary Adventure
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Foodheim: A Culinary Adventure author Eric Wareheim is an actor, director, winemaker, and foodie. But you might know him best as Arnold, Dev's giant "token white friend" in Master of None, who develops a fondness for a robotic seal left behind by his deceased grandfather, and gets a Fiat wedged between two buildings while driving in Tuscany. And the most surprising part about that second one is that Wareheim, who is 6'7", could fit in the Fiat in the first place.

But in Foodheim: A Culinary Adventure, Wareheim plays the role of world tour guide. At least, world tour guide with exactly two things on the agenda during his world tour: food & drink. Part cookbook, part culinary storybook, and part critical review of the 3 major food groups (circle foods, grandma foods, and juicy foods), Foodheim reads as a chronicle of Wareheim's gustatory experiences, and makes a great gift for anyone who, like him, lives to eat.

Cookbook editor Emily Timberlake co-wrote Foodheim with Wareheim, and is probably the one responsible for making recipes such as Chicken Parm with Nonna Sauce and Personal Pan Pep Pep make sense as you try to replicate them at home.

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