The World is Your Burger

Posted: June 05, 2017
The World is Your Burger
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The World Is Your Burger. I know it. The book's author, David Michaels, knows it. And even if you don't eat red meat, shun gluten, or are a full-on vegetarian, the number of iterations of this most iconic food in America has gotta make you know it too. For those as interested in chowing down on hamburger history as they are on a thick-slab patty of ground beef, The World Is Your Burger will take you on an encyclopedic journey through the creation and cultural evolution of this damn fine piece of meat.

Michaels includes essays, interviews, tons of photos, and 12 tasty recipes in his tribute to the "humble hamburger." Served alongside a White Castle Slider Candle and a freshly grilled BurgaBox, The World Is Your Burger would make a stacked and satisfying gift for Dad.

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