Bruiser Gauntlet

Posted: April 25, 2015
Bruiser Gauntlet
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Why throw your hat in the ring for the title of Most Badass Cosplayer when you can show up in Rawring Craft's Bruiser Gauntlet and just whack the shit out of anyone who disputes your claim to it? The sci-fi arm guard in made from artificial leather padded with soft fleece and fitted with elastic straps for comfortable wear, even during long battles along the streets of 23rd century megaciities and cosplay conventions that go all night long.

Bruiser gauntlet hardware is stainless steel and aluminum; knuckle and forearm bumps are made of solid hard plastic. Available in right and left arm versions, the piece is one-size-fits-most. Rawring Craft also has custom fit, color, and design options.

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