3D Zombie Puzzle

Posted: May 27, 2012
3D Zombie Puzzle - Organ and Bone Pieces Removed
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Zombie enthusiast or not, handcrafted wood maestro Emmy's 3D Zombie Puzzle perambulates onto the scene as a nifty diversion, and freakishly exquisite piece of household decor. Assembled, the 24-piece undead stunner stands 12" tall, and mounts on a 7.5" wide x 2.5" deep base. All pieces are individually cut from 3/4" Aspen wood, and treated with an eco-friendly stain and sealant. Adding a further dimension of clever are the puzzle's 4 organ and skeletal pieces--a brain, heart, spinal cord, and femur--which can be Jenga-ed out of your man to put the proverbial cherry on top of his twisted visual effect.

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