Star Wars Chewbacca Operation Game

Posted: August 18, 2020
Star Wars Chewbacca Operation Game
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Welp, one look at the Star Wars Chewbacca Operation Game, and there's no doubt where Hasbro stands on the question of whether or not Chewie ate a Porg in The Last Jedi. Sure, they try to make it out like the "pesky critters" are just pulling at and playing with his fur, antagonizing a weary Wookiee who's trying to rest up after fixing the Millennium Falcon's hyperdrive. Like the porgs keep getting lost in the dense follicular forest of Chewbacca, and your job is to pluck them out like lice. But we know the truth. Those porgs got swallowed live and whole, and your "operation" is to rescue them.

After all, if this game were really about "hair hazards," it wouldn't be called Operation. It would be called Star Wars Chewbacca Parasite Plucking Game. Or Star Wars Chewbacca Trip to the Elementary School Nurse Game.

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