The Nightmare Before Christmas Operation Game

Posted: December 13, 2020
The Nightmare Before Christmas Operation Game
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See, The Nightmare Before Christmas Operation game is a great example of why I want to help eradicate this COVID pandemic. With ICUs full, healthcare workers stretched thin and rundown, and getting into a hospital becoming about as hard as getting into a Trader Joe's, I can just see myself falling down the steps or getting attacked by this squirrel in my mama's backyard that has it out for me, and ending up just like Oogie Boogie in the Operation scene. Splayed out on a table, cut open up and down, and hovered over by a gaggle of 7-year-olds trying to "extract the hurt" because there aren't any doctors or nurses left to help.

And on that note, what better gift for your kid this year than The Nightmare Before Christmas Operation game? Or, if they're not into Halloweentown, they can practice the skills they'll need for the healthcare apocalypse on Chewbacca instead.

Muchas danke to The Awesomer.

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