Little Dove Multi-Functional Wooden Wobble Board

Posted: November 09, 2020
Little Dove Multi-Functional Wooden Wobble Board
$69.99 - $79.99
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Wish I'd had a Wooden Wobble Board when I was a kid. Maybe a couple years with Little Dove's multi-functional rocking balance trainer would have made it easier for me to stay upright without hanging on for dear life when I ride a subway or airport train. Those people who just stand there in the open, all nonchalant on their phone, nary a metal bar or overhead grip loop in sight as the train lurches forward or jolts to a halt? Yeah, F those guys and their self-mastery of acceleration and weight distribution.

I also wish I'd had a Wooden Wobble Board when I was a kid because it's one of those elegantly simple designs that has tons of different uses, and can be your kid's very own imagination station. In addition to a balance board, the Little Dove wooden arc can serve as a slide, seesaw, tunnel, bridge, rocking chair, table, make believe boat, sports goal, or piece of fitness equipment.

Available in plain wood and a few subtle patterns, the Little Dove Wobble Board is a gift for the kids that also brings a pleasing modern aesthetic to the playroom, and won't look all loud and plastic and uggo when it gets left out in the living room.

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