Serial Killers: Adult Coloring Book

Posted: April 21, 2020
Serial Killers: Adult Coloring Book
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The Serial Killers adult coloring book is moderate to complex in detail and staying-in-the-lines difficulty, and therefore not suitable for children.

Oh, and I guess its subject matter, 37 notorious sociopathic serial killers, isn't that kid-friendly either. Apparently the coloring book also contains adult language, which I suppose is by nature for adults only.

For the Serial Killers cover, illustrator K. Shroeder chose Nannie Doss, aka the Giggling Granny, the Lonely Hearts Killer, the Black Widow, and Lady Blue Beard. While she served a life sentence in the 50s and 60s for loading up her 5th husband with deadly amount of arsenic, she actually confessed to killing 3 husbands prior to him, along with her mother, her sister, her grandson, and a mother-in-law. Information has emerged that she also killed another sister and 2 of her children, for a total death count of 11. Sounds like the perfect lady to introduce your Offensive Crayons to.

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