Skull Dice

Posted: August 06, 2022
Skull Dice
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Roll the bones, baby! No question why the term applies to these Skull Dice, but do you know why playing dice not stylized to look like human skulls is also referred to as playing "bones"? Yeah, me neither. You should Google it up for us.

I joke, I joke. The etymology of bones as dice is a simple, if not kinda dark, one: dice used to be made out of animal bones. Sheep and deer ankles, hooves, and horns all provided good mediums for carving them. Maybe some human bones got thrown in there too, especially those from a leader or grandma who lived to a ripe old age back when everyone died at 30, as these surely would have been considered good luck.

These Skull Dice, however, are not made from real skulls, or bones of any type. They're resin, which suits me just fine. They still look cool, and will make a fantastiskull addition to game night, especially those hosted around Halloween.

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