Dead Eye Club Wishbone EDC Slingshot

Posted: February 15, 2020
Wishbone EDC Slingshot
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Welp, I sure hope using one of Dead Eye Club's Wishbone EDC Slingshot's doesn't make me the newest member of the Dead Eye Club. I have my doubts, given the opening line in the black-and-yellow stinger's description: "Juuuust dangerous enough to be really really fun."

But the Wishbone slingshot's simplicity, its low-profile combination of a stamped-out piece of solid aluminum and Theraband Gold launch. Oh how the carrot dangles! Maybe if I'm responsible and wear the recommended eye protection. Maybe if I don't let my friend Cornelius try to shoot empty sodie cans off my head. Maybe if I don't stack rocks with high-ricochet potential and then stand less than 10' away when I try to Wishbone them down. Maybe then I can join the Dead Eye Club in the more figurative, less ophthalmological sense.

The Wishbone EDC Slingshot assembles via a matchstick system that requires no tools or additional hardware. It's easy to carry, and easy to adjust or replace the band in the field. Dead Eye Club says the Wishbone is ideal for shooting cans, targets, and low level mobs. They include a shooting guide, and note it's pretty easy to improve accuracy, and ascend to the level of Balls-On quickly. You can use their free iPhone app, Miss Hit, to track progress.

The Wishbone EDC package comes with the anodized black slingshot frame, a Theraband Gold band set, a soft leather pouch, a matte black tin storage case, and a lifetime warranty.

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