Hyper Pong 4-Way Table Tennis

Posted: October 09, 2022
Hyper Pong 4-Way Table Tennis
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Four square, a kinda boring game, meets ping-pong, a kinda fun one in the Hyper Pong 4-way table tennis set. They call the mashup "action-packed," and I believe it, because with that big X of criss-crossing nets to hit in the center, you're sure to be chasing your ping-pong ball around the room or yard 4 times as much!

Hyper Pong has 3 basic modes of play: Battle Royale (1v1v1v1); Squad Royale (2v2); and Singles (1v1). The 66" x 66" square table arrives pre-assembled, and folds up for storage or transport after you're done.

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