KingFisher Modular Trimaran Fishing Kayak

Posted: June 07, 2019
$2,199 - $2,399
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Point 65 believes in their KingFisher they have developed the world's first modular trimaran fishing kayak. Sure, why not? I doubt there was much competition out there to develop such a niche boat to begin with, but the fishermen amongst you might be pleased to see someone has essentially combined a Solo Skiff and a Pakayak. With the KingFisher you can enjoy your solitary casting time on the water without struggling to fit your vessel in your car or apartment.

Point 65 says their modular design can even break down the KingFisher kayak small enough to slide under your bed.

The KingFisher comes in two snap-apart halves that, in addition to requiring a smaller storage footprint, make it easier to carry, and enable you to check the kayak as luggage during air travel.

The KingFisher also provides flexibility with options of powering it on the water with your arms (paddle), legs (Impulse Drive propelling system), or a motor installed at the aft deck. The boat's seat, the Game Chair, has multiple setting and height adjustments, as well as several rod parks, a pair of storage hatches, and compatible attachment rails and bars for add-ons.

KingFisher kayaks are made from 100% recyclable molded HTP plastics, with no harmful chemicals or dyes. The modular fisherman's friends are available first to Kickstarter backers through June 26, 2019.

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