Lander Recycled Ocean Fishing Net Skateboards

Posted: July 13, 2023
Lander Recycled Ocean Fishing Net Skateboards
$89.99 - $127.99
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Save a dolphin, ride a Lander. Lander Skateboard decks are made of a blend of recycled nylon and glass fiber reinforcement, the former 100% composed of retired ocean fishing nets. Retired ocean fishing nets that, thanks to your flip, slide, and grind tricks, will not live out their years killing marine animals, and adding to the 46% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch that consists of lost or discarded fishing gear.

At least not until you trash your Lander Skateboard.

In addition to doing their small part to help the environment, Lander makes their unique hole-punched skateboards to ride smooth, fast, and quiet, heel-toe-style, with no need for grip application. The recycled nylon dampens vibrations and absorbs road chatter, making longer rides more comfortable, and bumpy ground less disruptive. At the same time, the skate deck's open design, flex pattern, and concave surface allow for a carving heel-toe ride (similar to surfing or snowboarding) while still feeling like you're standing on a traditional maple deck. An integrated Lander grip system eliminates the need for a secondary grip application, and keeps the tread pronounced, even in wet conditions.

Lander skateboards' recycled materials are also waterproof, and the boards, available in full-size and compact cruiser styles, are as suitable for urban commutes as they are skate park shenanigans and joyrides.

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