Pocket Shot PRO Arrow Slingshot

Posted: July 03, 2019
Pocket Shot PRO Archery Arrow Slingshot
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Pocket Shot ups their slingshot game with the Pocket Shot Pro Arrow Pouch. Where the original slingshot reinvented shooting with a stretchy pouch that fires steel slugs, marbles, .4 cal paintballs, and Airsoft ammo, this one graduates archers and hunters to full-size archery arrows.

The Pocket Shot Arrow Pouch has a D-loop for attachment to any Pocket Shot or Pocket Hammer. The result: a 40-pound pull and ability to fire 30" arrows. An arrow release glove is required for use and, as a true weapon, the Pocket Shot Arrow Pouch should be kept away from children.

Muchas danke to The Awesomer.

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