Rochan Slingshot - Professional Outdoor Catapult

Posted: February 21, 2020
Rochan Slingshot - Professional Outdoor Catapult

Rochan-bo you for first go with this gnarly-looking slingshot, Cornelius. Rochan calls their namesake slingshot a "professional outdoor catapult" and launches its description with, "First, this slingshot...is not a toy. ... It has the capacity to seriously maim or worse." Hmmm.

On second thought, Cornelius, you go ahead and try out the Rochan Slingshot first.

The Rochan Slingshot was designed as a legit, and superior, small animal hunting and target practice tool. It has an infrared sight and laser flashlight for pinpointing targets, and is made with a stainless steel frame, aluminum alloy aiming device, and ergonomic wooden handle. Rochan says the slingshot's metal body and wrist support frame design add stability to the ejection base, enabling a greater ejection intensity, while the grip a soft leather construction in the triangular structure make it more comfortable to use.

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