Walkers Shortbread Advent Calendar

Posted: November 02, 2021
Walkers Shortbread Advent Calendar
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A Walkers Shortbread Advent Calendar isn't as good as a Biscoff Cookie Advent Calendar - Biscoff Cookies are the most crunchy, crumbly, caramely creations I ever ate - but it's definitely way better than some cheap chocolate Santa Claus countdown from Hershey's. Walkers Shortbread is missing the explosion of warm spices Biscoff packs into their little brick biscuits, but one thing it doesn't skimp on is the butter. And, mmm, butter.

Beginning December 1, the Walkers Shortbread Advent Calendar ticks off the days 'til Christmas with 8 Mini Shortbread Fingers, 8 Mini Shortbread Rounds, and 8 Mini Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies. So, not nearly as much variety as the Bonne Maman Fruit Spread & Honey Advent Calendar, but again, mmm, butter.

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