Cold Therapy Massage Roller Ball

Posted: February 10, 2018
Cold Therapy Massage Roller Ball
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I have one of these Stinger Cold Therapy Massage Roller Balls from Recoup Fitness, and let me tell you, I have not felt anything so cold since I bumped into my ex-girlfriend Karen at the grocery store last month. And, no, I'm not talking figuratively here. I felt a chill on my neck - the ice queen's breath - and then physically backed into her. And it was like my shoulder got sucked inside a cryogenic chamber.

I think she's a vampire. Or a government soldier test project. Or maybe just made of steel and filled with cooling gel like the Stinger's center massage ball. Only without any of the benefits.

The Stinger Cold Therapy Massage Roller Ball combines an 80mm cooling-gel-filled steel ball with a hard plastic base to form a nifty and versatile recovery contraption. Give it 2 hours in the freezer, and the Stinger can give back up to 6 hours of therapeutic kneading and inflammation reduction to muscles that are tight or in need of recovery.

Gripping the Stinger's curved base, you can press and free-roll the cooled ball over arm, leg, and shoulder areas. If you want to get deep into your back, glutes, and arches of the feet, pull the ball out of the base and roll on it as you would a lacrosse ball. The Stinger Cold Therapy flat base also allows for standing pressed against a wall with the massage ball positioned at trouble spots on the back.

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