InfinityBall 4-Speed Vibrating Massage Ball

Posted: January 10, 2019
InfinityBall 4-Speed Vibrating Massage Ball
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I don't know why Nextrino decided a lacrosse ball, a foam roller, and a vibrator needed to meet, but with their InfinityBall 4-speed vibrating massage ball, that is indeed the introduction and co-mingling the company has made.

Loosely resembling a baby rattle or dog chew toy (and if you have a baby or dog, they will most definitely consider it one) the InfinityBall is a post-workout and athletic recovery tool whose firm, curvy design and built-in vibration technology make it a superior choice to standard foam rollers for penetrating deep into tense, constricted, knotted, or otherwise-in-need-of-some-TLC muscles of legs, back, and neck.

And in case the InfinityBall's appearance wasn't telling enough on its own, by TLC I mean pain ranging from Level 7 to Level Jaw-Clenching and Eye-Crossing. But it's good, productive, healthy pain!

Adding to the dig-deep nubbiness of the InfinityBall's double-sphere design is its internal vibration mechanism, pouring on the intensity at your choice of 4 different levels. And for the ladies (and dudes) out there who have touched a different type of vibrator to their low back or thigh before, don't bother thinking of the InfinityBall's style of vibration in those terms. Not even Wanachi Mega Massager terms. The vibrating massage ball's Low, Medium, and High Intensity, and Variable Pulsing modes produce levels of agitation your hamstrings might accept, but your nether regions aren't going to want anywhere near them.

Or I don't know, maybe they will.

In addition to post-exertion recover, daily use of the InfinityBall is recommended for mobility, muscle pliability training, and deep tissue sports therapy.

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