NormaTec 2.0 Legs - Air Compression Leg Massagers

Posted: December 14, 2021
NormaTec 2.0 Legs - Air Compression Leg Massagers
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Who is this Norma and what does she know about air compression tech that's going to hug-massage my legs into a state of warm bliss? (Whilst simultaneously, and delightfully, making my lower half look like the proton-pack-blasted version of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.)

NormaTec 2.0 Legs are wearable leg massagers that use dynamic air compression technology to reduce pain and soreness, and boost circulation. They're part of a whole-body NormaTec line from athletic recovery brand Hyperice, which the company compares to "a personal, on-call massage therapist." Surely, one named Norma.

NormaTec 2.0 Legs attachments zip around your legs, from thighs down through feet, and connect via hoses to a NormaTec 2.0 control unit. The latter is a remote with 7 intensity levels, plus a ZoneBoost function that will increase air compression at specific leg areas during a session.

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