Acumobility Ultimate Back Roller

Posted: December 09, 2019
Acumobility Ultimate Back Roller
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The Acumobility Ultimate Back Roller is a somewhat intimidating bumpy wheel designed to release tension in the back, and reverse the unhealthy flexed, restricted state the spine tends to fall into from poor posture and too much sitting. I consider it one of those fitness gifts you can give to your wife or husband...or maybe even your boss...without offending them. And, in my case with the Booty LYFT, having it thrown back in your face.

With their Ultimate Back Roller, Acumobility improves upon other wheel-shaped myofascial release and yoga wheels with a Spine Gap, or channel that allows the spine to move freely during rolling, and those scary, nubby domes sticking out of the roller, which Acumobility terms the Therapeutic Bump Pattern. The Bump Pattern, of course, provides deeper kneading, but are designed with some give so they are hard enough to make you throw the Ultimate Back Roller in the trash - or back in the face of the person who gave it to you - after one attempted use.

Ultimate Back Rollers are 11" tall and 7.5" wide, and built to support weights of up to 1,000 pounds. In addition to your basic posterior trunk movement, you can use the roller on your neck, arms, lats, chest, glutes, and legs.

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