Arm Wrestling Trainer

Posted: September 18, 2020
Arm Wrestling Trainer
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Solo arm wrestling. Now there's a hobby I never knew I always needed. More importantly, an Arm Wrestling Trainer might be the perfect quarantine gift for a man...or woman...looking to beef up their hustling skills in preparation for the full reopening of fine arm wrestling establishments (i.e., bars).

Actually, I once got kicked out of a Belgian pub for arm wrestling. It was all in good fun. My friend Cornelius and I had had one too many 11% Belgian Ales and decided we'd see who had more fully mastered his Python Power Twister. We were barely 10 seconds in - I was winning, obviously - when one of the bartenders ran over crying, "No feats of strength! No feats of strength!" and started gesturing to a sign at the entrance. It was an old wood board with a plaque on it that said "House Rules," and sure as shenanigans, "No feats of strength" was #4 on the list.

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