Bellabooty Hip Thrust Belt

Posted: January 18, 2023
Bellabooty Hip Thrust Belt
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With the Bellabooty Belt, you can "hip thrust anytime, anywhere!" And just like that, all your problems - maybe even all the world's problems - are solved!

The Bellabooty Belt pairs with dumbbells, kettlebells, or weight plates, up to 400 pounds of which you wrap inside a set of velcro straps on either end of the belt. The padded, slip-resistant design then sits across your hips, comfortably, securely, and perfectly balanced, while you lift and lower.

You can also sling the Bellabooty Belt across your shoulders for weighted squats, lunges, and other lower body moves, or place it in your lap during dips and wall sits. So, yeah, it does have some versatility, and several uses beyond hip thrusting, but helping you perfect your motion in the ocean will always be Bellabooty's primary goal.

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