Boxing Speed Ball

Posted: January 17, 2018
Boxing Speed Ball
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A Fight Ball Reflex boxing speed ball. Now that's a simple and swell way to vent your frustrations. Plus pick up a few more along the way if your fist repeatedly misses, or face repeatedly hits, this setup's tennis ball target.

Though slightly less treacherous than the Boxaball, the Fight Ball Reflex is here to improve your reaction speed and hand-eye coordination through some tough love. If you aren't skilled in these areas before taking a swing at the tiny, super-springy-bungee-skewered ball, you'll either get better quick, or get a taste of tennis ball fuzz.

The Fight Ball Reflex rope ends can mount on a door frame, or attach via a pair of brackets to another punch-friendly place in your home or garage. Both the length and tension of the boxing ball's ropes are adjustable.

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