EdgeCross X Home & Portable Gym

Posted: July 25, 2019
EdgeCross X Home & Portable Gym
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The EdgeCross X, a home and portable gym consisting of a handled barbell, balance wheel, and resistance bands, says it can provide a total body workout that will rip you like an Olympic athlete in just 10 minutes per day.


10 minutes of some ultra-intense, crazy MF, Into the Badlands shit. Is this what Sunny and The Widow decided to do after AMC cancelled them? Team up to create the EdgeCross X and a 10-minute Clipper Training Program?

According to its makers the EdgeCross X accomplishes everything it needs to in 10 minutes by engaging all of your muscles throughout all of its exercises. I guess kind of like how the Blizzident can clean your teeth in 6 seconds by brushing all of them at once.

Comprehensive muscle engagement with the EdgeCross X comes courtesy of its equipment design - each piece requires you to leverage your own body weight, engage your core, and fight to balance.

The EdgeCross X main unit is the barbell-looking piece, a metal bar with handles that adjust laterally to increase and decrease the intensity of exercises based on your fitness level. At the ends of the unit are rubberized metal pieces, either 1/2 spheres, globes, or spears, that swap out modify the resistance you'll feel from lightest to heaviest.

Incorporating the balance wheel into your EdgeCross X routine ups the ante on ab and core work. Place the main unit in the middle of wheel and...see what happens, dudes. The initial goal is to roll back and forth, and it only gets more Cirque du Soleil from there.

To continue leveling up with the EdgeCross X you can add some resistance bands to your training. The home gym package includes 3 sets of fabric-covered bands providing 20, 25, and 30 pounds of resistance, plus a pair of wrist and pair of foot straps, and a waist belt for getting your body fully locked in to the workout, and ready to cross the edge.

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