Finger Weights for Musicians, Athletes & Gamers

Posted: September 14, 2020
Finger Weights for Musicians, Athletes & Gamers
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While these Finger Weights say they increase power, speed, control, reaction time, endurance, and finesse for musicians, athletes, and gamers, I think we can all agree those benefits come well after the very first things they increase. Discomfort. Pain. Punishment.

Finger Weights look like a weapon in a 21st century knuckle-rapping nun's arsenal.

For the pianist who must play "Flight of the Bumblebee" faster. Faster! Faster!

For the quarterback who must throw the ball farther. Farther! Farther!

For the Super Smash Bros. player who must launch their opponent off the stage harder. Harder! Harder!

Finger Weights consist of 5 individual hypoallergenic non-latex wraps that hold up to three 10g stainless steel rods apiece. In addition to training for various activities, Finger Weights can be incorporated into physical therapy regimes for carpal tunnel, arthritis, and other hand-related issues.

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