Jump99 Plyometric Training Shoes

Posted: July 12, 2023
Jump99 Ultra Strength Plyometric Training Shoes
$158.99 - $169.99
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Huh. I always got made fun of for running on the balls of my feet when I was a kid, but I guess if you're wearing some Jump99 plyometric training shoes, bouncing around doing power skips, high kicks, and jump rope, it's OK to keep your heels off the ground. In fact, it might even increase your vertical 5" to 10", shave 2/10th of a second off your 50M dash time, and give your calf muscles Schwarzenegger levels of definition.

So leave those tippy-toe kids alone, alright? Cosplayers and eccentric adults walking around in Creature Feet shoes too, while you're at it.

In addition to jumping higher, Jump99 plyo trainers aim to help you run faster, and gain more overall power. The disc-shaped platform on the front half of the shoes obviously concentrates all of your weight in the muscles you activate with that half of your foot - namely, those comprising calves. Regular sneakers require your calves to support just 30% of your weight, with your heels taking on the other 70%. With Jump99s removing "the heel factor," the company says performing standard exercises in their shoes will increase the fast twitch capabilities of the muscles required for jumping, sprinting, and powerful bursts of movement.

Jump99 recommended exercises include the power skips, high kicks, and jump roping mentioned earlier, along with high knees, butt kicks, high kicks, tuck jumps, lunges, squat jumps, lateral high jumps, and walking squats.

Jump99 plyometric training shoes come in both kid and adult sizes, and make a great gift for the athlete in your life working to become the next MJ. Jordan or Johnson. Or Jackson, for that matter. Dude was wiry, but had to have some gnarly calf action going on to move like he did.

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