Kettlecross: The Kettlebell Hybrid

Posted: August 09, 2021
Kettlecross: The Kettlebell Hybrid
$56 - $319
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Kettlecross, I appreciate your kettlebell hybrid design - the idea, the thought that's gone into it, the elimination of wrist and forearm stress during use. But I just can't pass up this opportunity to say: Yo, dudes! Remember last month when I showed you the 4.7-gram Nothing ear (1) wireless earbuds? Well this month it's the 8-kilogram Kettlecross Headphones! They don't play music or let you talk hands-free, but I'm pretty sure they're 100% noise-cancelling, and guarantee to give you a neck like The Rock in just a week of wear!

Hehhehheh. Indeed splitting a kettlebell down the middle makes it look like a giant pair of over-ear headphones, but that's not to say I don't like the look of the Kettlecross. Could be a great gift for a musician whose string bean arms and chicken legs could use some stage presence. And for those of you into kettlebell or HIIT workouts, Kettlecross creator Josh Hume says his hybrid design will keep your wrist in a neutral, unstrained position and prevent "the dreaded forearm flop" during overhead exercises.

Hume is running Kettlecross as a crowdfunding campaign through September 5, 2021. Kettlebell hybrids are available in 8kg and 12kg weights, as well as in paired and mixed sets.

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