MonkeyFeet - Lift Dumbbells with Your Feet

Posted: July 02, 2021
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Know what MonkeyFeet mean? No more sticking that dumbbell in your sweaty knee crease to do some donkey kicks and fire hydrants. The ability to do ham curls and weighted leg extensions without fancy gym machines. With nary more than a dumbbell or two, in fact. Oh, and you think MonkeyFeet enabling you to attach and lift dumbbells with your feet means you can't lift heavy on leg day? Nope! Each MonkeyFoot can support a dumbbell of up to 160 pounds! Woo-hoo!

Let the excuses end, and the torture begin.

Created, fittingly, by Animalhouse Fitness, MonkeyFeet are foot braces with a clamp that latches onto the grip of most dumbbell brands and sizes. They secure to your foot / feet with a ratchet-style clasp and, when loaded up with a DB, make you look like you're wearing some Darwin-Award-winning roller skates, or maybe high heels designed and made by...uh, a monkey. Maybe one of the Primal Bells dudes.

MonkeyFeet are sold individually, and each fits both right and left feet, as well as shoe sizes up to a men's 14. You can check out the video above for the top 7 MonkeyFeet exercises. Hint: you probably loathe all of them.

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