Shadow Boxer Pro Boxing Resistance Bands Set

Posted: July 07, 2023
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No boxing bag? No friend Cornelius to let you use him as a boxing bag? The Shadow Boxer Pro Boxing Resistance Bands Set is the solution for you! This complete kit from Gyro Fitness won't give you the same tactile feedback of a contact punch, but it will up your shadow boxing game, and enhance your workout in other ways. For legit boxers in training, the Shadow Boxer Pro helps improve speed, power, balance, and form. Those just punching out their cardio will be able to increase their overall fitness level, thanks to the resistance bands' targeting of shoulders, arms, and chest muscles up top, and the hip muscles in the lower body.

The Shadow Boxer Pro set includes: the upper body band with handles; lower body band with ankle cuffs; and a vest you can optionally use to stabilize the upper body band, especially, Gyro Fitness notes, if you want to shadow box while running. Which, of course you will! Who wouldn't want to shadow box with resistance bands harnessed to their body while running?

The Shadow Boxer Pro is easily portable and requires nothing but a small area of open space to use. It's a piece of fitness equipment suited well for the home, gym, and outdoors alike, and an easy gift for an athlete or fitness fanatic.

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