Walkolution Manual Treadmill Desks

Posted: February 17, 2022
Walkolution Manual Treadmill Desks
$5,566 - $10,668
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Walk. Work. Walk while working. Work while walking. Ugh. It's like a bunch of F-words in a row, but with Ws. And speaking of F-words, F Walkolution manual treadmill desks. It's bad enough I have to perform mental gymnastics, sweat it out, and exhaust my brain to excel (beyond all others!) at this incredibly difficult job I have. No way am I throwing physical exertion and fatigue on top of it.

But you dudes with your easy tech, no-brainer investment, and Mickey Mouse C-suite jobs, maybe you would like to spice things up with the addition of a Walkolution manual treadmill desk to your office or WFH situation.

Walkolution treadmill desks have no motor or electronic components, just a belt that moves around a solid beech wood base in sync and at pace with your feet. If you don't tread, neither does the Walkolution. The moving belt comes in two versions: a series of break-proof birch wood slats with slight elasticity; and a premium Kybun surface material, a Swiss product design that simulates the feeling of walking or running on a soft forest floor. The wood belt can be used with or without shoes, the Kybun surface begs for bare feet only.

Walkolution desk models also come with your choice of attached or freestanding desks, as well as completely without a desk if you want to slide one of the treadmills under your own.

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