Weighted Wooden Hula Hoop

Posted: January 02, 2023
Weighted Wooden Hula Hoop
$49.49 - $53.99
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No, dudes, I swear, it's a Weighted Wooden Hula Hoop. I'm not trying to trick you into buying anal beads for an elephant. ... Though if you're in the market for anal beads for an elephant, I think the Weighted Wooden Hula Hoop could meet your needs quite nicely.

This funky, and not altogether bad-looking, piece of fitness equipment should give you a rigorous core workout, a little bit of cardio, and, if the beaded hoop's marketing team is to be believed, a "tender massage" as you gyrate it 'round and 'round your hips. It is also supposedly easier to use than a traditional hula hoop (i.e., one that does not look like a supersized set of your grandma's pearls), which I find hard to believe, but I think I will get one...as a gift for my wife, of course...to verify the validity of that claim.

I mean, it's not so expensive, and even if it gets used only once, I'm sure the wooden balls and white connective rope could be piled or hung in some manner that makes them look like a striking contemporary piece of home decor.

The Weighted Wooden Hula Hoop comes in 3 and 3.5-pound weights. The lighter version has 1.96" and 1.57" alternating bead diameters, while the heavier one is all 1.96" beads.

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