Tiny Footprint Carbon Negative Coffee

Posted: February 26, 2021
Tiny Footprint Carbon Negative Coffee
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If your tiny footprints are like my tiny footprints, they can be found padding (OK, maybe Sasquatch-footin' it) into the kitchen every morning to make a fat pot of coffee. Or maybe hoofin' it to a coffee shop before work. And then again at mid-morning. Lunchtime. The dreaded strike of 3 p.m.

But if your tiny footprints are like Tiny Footprint Coffee's tiny footprints, they are actively working to reduce the carbon they release into the atmosphere. These tiny footprints are carbon footprints, and Tiny Footprint Coffee calls its caffeinated mugs o' hugs the world's first carbon negative coffee.

Like NetZero Mycelium Orbs, Tiny Footprint Coffee is working to create conscious-consumer products - those that provide a service to the consumer, but also to the planet. NetZero Orbs fertilize and improve the health of your lawn and garden, while sucking up up to 1 ton of carbon from your yard every year for a decade.

Tiny Footprint Coffee, a collaboration between Roastery 7 and the Mindo Cloudforest Foundation, wakes you up / makes you functional / buzzes you into bliss with a range of roasts from Nicaragua and Peru, while donating a portion of every pound of coffee they sell to the Foundation's efforts to reforest Ecuador's Mindo cloud forest.

Roastery 7 notes it takes about 4 pounds of CO2 to produce and distribute 1 pound of their Tiny Footprint coffee. With their donations and reforestation efforts, each tree that reaches maturity will be able to remove 54 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere. And since 54 > 4, more CO2 will be removed than emitted, and you have yourself a cup of carbon negative joe.

At first I kind of rolled my eyes at this logic, especially given how long it will take new trees to reach a level of fighting form that will make them formidable greenhouse gas opponents. But I'm still going to try Tiny Footprint Coffee, because: 1) Roastery 7 and the Mindo Cloudforest Foundation are contributing a lot more to the environment that most coffee roasters, and most businesses in general; and 2) I need coffee. Every single day, and multiple times per. If Tiny Footprint Coffee tastes good, I'll drink it regardless of whether or not it actually proves to be carbon negative.

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