Bublcam - 360-Degree Camera

Posted: November 20, 2013
$477 - $525
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What better way to prove you've got balls than to show 'em? That's the cue photography seems to be taking from projects such as the Panono and, here, the bublcam. A baseball-sized spherical camera, bublcam houses 4 equidistant lenses that capture images and videos in full surround vision: 360 degrees. No missed action. No one left out. No blind spots.

bublcam users will have the ability to record 14 megapixel spherical photos and 1080p/15 fps or 720p/30fps videos, and then view them in an experiential software suite that can pan through the shots up, down, and all around in any direction. Ahhh. Can't wait to what that's going to do for the leaked celebrity sex tape industry. Further, enable the bublcam's Wi-fi component and live stream your bungee jump/heliski run/hands-free pie eating contest directly to your computer, mobile device, or the web, where anyone with the bublcam app can control and personalize their view of the event. Or save the excursion for editing and later review on a MicroSD card.

In addition to photo/video and action sport enthusiasts, the bublcam team recommends their 9.9-ounce portable ball camera to:

  • Travelers seeking to preserve more comprehensive memories of their journeys
  • Parents. As both a means of tracking their kids' milestones and notable moments, and a straight-up live streaming baby monitor.
  • Gamers, for 360 degrees of mystery and detective gaming, full motion video gaming, symbiotic gaming, and VR gaming.
  • Gabby hens. bublcam accommodates 360-degree live video chatting.
  • Professionals including newscasters, real estate agents, and tourism leaders who benefit from transporting their audience to the locales they discuss.
  • Security agencies in need of constant visual data with no blind spots.
  • Your mom. Sorry. It's still almost never not at least a little funny to me.

bublcam offers first dibs on its camera to Kickstarter backers getting their pledges in by December 14, 2013.

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