Car Side Seat Gap Filler & Organizer

Posted: January 09, 2019
Car Side Seat Gap Filler & Organizer
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There goes my phone in the side gap between my car seat and my console. Uhp, and there goes my earpiece as I lean over (while still keeping my left hand firmly on the steering wheel, and both eyes laser-focused on the road) to try to dig it out. Dammit, I can't get it! ... Nooooo! There goes the rest of the bag of fries I was eating to ease my frustration!

A side seat gap filler and organizer could have prevented it all.

The PU leather blocker-caddy shown here comes in a set of 2 - one for the driver's and one for the passenger's seat. You can also slip them in the seat back pockets to create organizers for the back seaters. They don't look half bad, with their red stitching and clean design, and the gap fillers come with added foam and fasteners for custom fitting to any size gap.

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