Cloth Capsule Glasses Cleaning Cloth & Holder

Posted: October 27, 2022
Cloth Capsule Glasses Cleaning Cloth & Holder
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Now I like the idea of a Cloth Capsule to hold a glasses cleaning cloth at the forever ready on my keychain or backpack, because lenses smudged with sunscreen and greased slick with sweat both impair my vision, and make other people (mostly my wife) think I have poor hygiene. And I also like the Cloth Capsule itself, a minimalist 2.4" long steel or brass canister that houses a funky lens cleaning cloth, both custom designed and made by Banton Frameworks.

But I gotta wonder how much I'm gonna like trying to jam the funky back into the minimalist every time I'm finished using it. Does not appear to be an easy task, especially for a dude who lacks both patience and finesse.

Hopefully the Cloth Capsule cleaning cloth is just as happy living in a pocket, and the canister can store, like, Advil, Pepcid, and magnesium supplements just as well.

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