Grab Shell Morphing Keyboard

Posted: March 08, 2023
Grab Shell Morphing Keyboard
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I'll fold him and hold him and flatten him...and kiss him and love him and squeeze him and call him George. No! I'll call him Grab Shell. The morphing keyboard you can lift and grip to type, or lay flat, in 3 separate segments, and arrange how you like on your desk.

The Grab Shell Keyboard is the brainchild of a coder, a hardware engineer, and a writer, each with slightly different typing needs that traditional keyboards weren't meeting. They also considered their gaming children in the Grab Shell design, kids who grow up using keyboards both for communication, and as controllers in video game, AR, and VR worlds. The device they came up with combines keys, a trackball, a joystick, a scroll wheel, and a toggle switch in a transformable way that better suits all of their needs.

The coder wanted a keyboard that was less fatiguing to type on, and that he could use not just while standing, but while wandering around in thought. Folded and secured in the hands via a pair of adjustable straps, the Grab Shell allows for this freedom of movement, while still providing all 10 fingers full access to its keys and commands. Its "wearable" nature also leaves gamers unencumbered, particularly those also wearing AR and VR headsets.

The hardware engineer's draw to the Grab Shell is much simpler: "It's cool," he says, "so I want one." And the writer was drawn to the possibility of tackling his 10,000+ words a day on a fully portable and fully configurable keyboard that easily switches between devices. The Grab Shell supports users' custom key configurations, and can switch between them with a physical flick of the toggle switch.

At printing, the Grab Shell Keyboard was available for preorder in Onyx and Moon color schemes. Anticipated release date is June / July 2023.

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