Chip Fingers Finger Covers

Posted: September 30, 2019
Chip Fingers Finger Covers
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I like storing some flavor for later under my fingernails and in my cuticle beds as much as the next dude, but Chip Fingers might be a useful tool for the times I have to hand out papers in work meetings, or touch my wife's new Pottery Barn couch after eating some Cheetos and hot wings.

Chip Fingers are individual finger covers that slip over your thumb and first two fingers (or any combination of hand appendages you like) to keep your grubby mitts from getting even grubbier while eating your favorite finger foods. Cheese-dusted and sauce-slathered bites are the most obvious offenders, but tacos, sandwiches and burgers, and various chocolatey desserts can also leave their messy marks on your digits.

Chip Fingers are similar to Trongs, but they're detached, and have smooth rather than skewering tips. This might make them a little more "slippery" to use, especially since their food-grade silicone will deaden your tactile senses, but the design also makes Chip Fingers more versatile. As separate, heat-resistant pieces with blunt ends, you can also incorporate the finger covers into kitchen prep work. Use them as guards to help protect yourself from nicks and cuts, or as skin barricades against the infiltration of onions, garlic, and the hot peppers you'll invariably forget to wash off before touching your eyes or wiener.

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