Shrooly Automatic Home Mushroom Grower

Posted: April 09, 2023
Shrooly Automatic Home Mushroom Grower
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I don't know if they've crowned the food of the year - the decade, even - yet, but the Shrooly Automatic Home Mushroom Grower is just one more piece of evidence that it should be mushrooms. Even setting aside the growing legalization of magic mushrooms and the increased use of psilocybin in healthcare, mushrooms have gone from a general consensus of weird, one-note-white, and texturally ew, to a culinary darling for chefs, home cooks, and anyone following pretty much any kind of diet, from vegan to keto.

The variety of mushrooms now available in grocery stores and farmers' markets is both a testament to and result of the heightened love and admiration for the meaty, diverse, complex, and fascinating fungi. And Shrooly hopes to bring this bounty of mushroom qualities to your hands, and your kitchen countertop, with their fast, and supposedly no-fail grow system.

The Shrooly Mushroom Grower has 2 primary components: the incubator / grow chamber designed with proprietary technology to automatically detect and control light and humidity, and draw in fresh air as needed; and preloaded mushroom, or Shrooly-trademarked AnyMush pods. Preloaded pods are similar to those found in other mushroom grow kits, bricks injected with spores ready to cultivate. Shrooly has over a dozen different varieties to choose from, including shiitake, lion's mane, a few different types of oyster, and some rarer mushrooms, such as cordyceps and reishi.

AnyMush pods arrive as a blank canvas or nutrients, ready for you to inject your own liquid cultures. Once Shrooly setup is complete and the prepped pod inserted, edible mushrooms should grow in 7 to 10 days.

At printing, Shrooly was accepting preorders for the automatic home mushroom grower. Shipping is expected to begin in July 2023.

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