Amagami Ham Ham - Finger-Nibbling Comfort Pets

Posted: January 06, 2022
Amagami Ham Ham - Finger-Nibbling Comfort Pets

"Amagami" is a Japanese term for the inclination and act of babies and pets nibbling on your finger. And apparently this finger-nibbling - presumably without drawing blood or causing a nasty foreign saliva infection - is a comfort. A way to ease anxiety and stress. And not just for the nibblers, but the nibbling recipients too!

So Japanese robotics company Yuki Engineering created a series of robotic plush pets (a cat and a dog at printing) that simulate this finger-nibbling, or play-biting action when you stick one of your digits in one of their fuzzy mouths. The interaction is intended to bring calm and comfort, reduce stress, and provide healing.

To recap: Amagami Ham Hams are robotic stuffed animals that bite your finger to help you feel less agitated by life.

And even weirder than that sentence is that that sentence doesn't even sound that weird to me. A little puppy to chew on my finger when I'm wigged out that itself requires no care or attention? Sold. Send one over.

Unfortunately, the Amagami Ham Ham line is not yet available for purchase. You can sign up for a newsletter if you want to be informed when / if they do decide to mass produce the finger-nibbling furballs. In the meantime, you can also check out a host of other robotic therapy and companion pets, including the Qoobo and the Joy For All Cat.

Muchas danke to Yanko Design.

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