BusyBox S Smart Sign

Posted: February 11, 2023
BusyBox S Smart Sign
$129 - $149
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BusyBox says their BusyBox S Smart Sign "works. So you can work." Or record your music. Or stream your podcast. Or tell everyone you're masturbating without telling them you're masturbating.

The BusyBox S takes the Luxafor Flag a couple steps further with a more dynamic and versatile design that goes beyond, "Green means enter / dare to say a word to me, red means I'm busy / F off." Using the paired BusyBox app, you can cycle the BusyBox S through multiple glowing colors and presets, plus group and control multiple devices at once.

You can also (manually) swap out the message you want to convey on a BusyBox S. In addition to "BUSY" the smart sign displays "RECORDING," "ON A CALL," "ON AIR," "DO NOT DISTURB," and "LIVE."

The BusyBox S comes with either a 5,000 or 10,000 mAh rechargeable battery. The former has a 60- to 80-hour runtime on 25% brightness, which should be suitable for most home and indoor uses. The more powerful battery is better for mounting and placement in harder to reach locations, or outdoors. It runs 570 hours nonstop at 25% brightness, and will last all day at 100%.

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