Tesla Coil

Posted: December 24, 2013
Tesla Coil

I don't know if a 50,000-volt Tesla coil is powerful enough to play a tag team rendition of "Sweet Home Alabama" like the pair in the above video, but it does radiate enough high-frequency energy to light 2 fluorescent tubes up to 2 feet away.

Recommended largely for classroom demonstrations, experiments, and gnarly backyard light shows after your mama puts the kibosh on living room light shows, yelling that you're not going to have anywhere to live either if you burn her house down, the commercial-grade Tesla coil measures 11" high, and includes a 6" x 2" protective housing for its generator. This model uses 115 VAC with an electro-magnetic interrupter buzzer, high voltage capacitors, inductive coil transformer, and a monopolar high-frequency transformer generator to conjure the wonders of science before our eyes. Wonders, I would note, that should be experienced only under adult supervision. Sometimes even if the user is an adult. Me, I always have my friend Cornelius on standby to call 911. Whether I'm playing with my Tesla coil, or just eating a turkey sandwich.

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