Melting Bloody Hand Candle

Posted: October 16, 2017
Melting Bloody Hand Candle
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Now here's a bloody handy gift for Halloween. Bryan Lawrence makes these terrifically creepy candles, you guessed it, by hand, using flesh-colored wax for the outer layers of their fingers and palms, and blood-red on the inside. As the hand melts, the bleeding effect begins.

Lawrence's Bleeding Hand Candles have another Easter egg beneath their flaming fingertips too: phalange, metacarpus, and carpus bones! When the candle burns out, you'll still have a crispy hand skeleton to keep in your box of supplies for next Halloween. Or to add to your collection of crispy hand skeletons....

For those more into organs than appendages, Lawrence also makes Brain Specimen candles (grapefruit-scented!) to complement his melting bloody hand candles.

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