Knuckle Lights

Posted: February 19, 2021
Knuckle Lights
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Who wants a coupla shiners? From your fists to their eyes, these strap-on Knuckle Lights shine 150-lumen beams into the face of any who cross your path while running, walking, or making your way to a good wee-wee spot in the forest while camping at night. The Knuckle Lights are also good for simply illuminating your path so you don't trip or run into anything.

Sold in sets of 2, Knuckle Lights have soft silicone straps that slip over your fingers and rest comfortably in your grip as you go out about your after-dark business. The torch flood beams are extra wide and "no bounce" to create a broad area of light that won't mess with your eyes, or your stomach. Knuckle lights are waterproof and suitable for use in both extreme cold and heat. They're powered by 2 x AAA batteries each.

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