Bowling Ball Cannon

Posted: July 15, 2018
$1,245 - $1,545
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A bowling ball cannon looks like something a dude would buy in an effort to one-up (OK, seven-up) another dude who otherwise has a better car, better house, better, job, better wife...and measly little golf ball cannon on his desktop.

Awww, what an adorable little golf ball mortar you've got there, Tiger. I have a little somethin' that fires balls intended for another sport too. I call it the Bush Whackin' McCracken!

From Coaches Club Cannons, the Bowling Ball Cannon, or mortar, indeed fires the 3-holed pin knockers. And not only shoots them, but launches Jesus Quintana's new favorite projectile almost a mile, if you've got the right powder and angle of elevation.

But if you don't have land for miles, or even a wide open field, to blast your bowling ball cannon in, Coaches Club Cannons says you can make adjustments that will "easily drop a bowling ball inside 200 yards.

The mortars, essentially fat cylinders mounted on an adjustable-angle base, are made of steel. Inside the cylinders you'll find a "super heavy" breech and 2" powder chamber that enables firing with variable powder quantities, including relatively small ones.

Should you seek a $1,500 novelty gift for your next family reunion - or Sunday Funday with your bros - the Bowling Ball Cannon has you covered.

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